Current Status

Norton’s story made me feel even more connected to my new home, after moving to San Francisco in 2006. Years later while searching for a project to call my own, I found that video content on the Emperor was hard to come by.

Together with my fiancé, we have been working on this project for nearly two years. We’ve fallen into several rabbit holes while researching the Emperor, and in the process learned about the history of our city. There are many members of the Norton community that we have since partnered with, who are invested in the Emperor’s story, and would like to see it told well.

We have conducted over a dozen interviews and covered numerous events, such as the Clamper and Imperial Council pilgrimages, and Jewish burial rites. Currently, we are focused on preparing a screenplay for cinematic sequences, and cutting together a trailer.

Our planned timeline is the raise funds through the end of April 2016, shoot over the summer, and complete the film by December 2016.